Fuck Yeah 4MINUTE!

  • Birth name: 허가윤 (Heo GaYoon) 
  • Nicknames: Dodosick Gayoon, Neunggeuli Gayoon, Heo Force
  • Training: GaYoon was trainee from Cube Ent.
  • DOB: May 18, 1990
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Position: Main Vocalist
  • Height/Weight/Blood Type: 165cm/47kg/0
  • Education: Dong Duke Female High School, Dongguk University



  • Gayoon thought ‘Heart to Heart’ was a hard concept,reason why? She had to be cute.
  • Gayoon has been a singer since high school.
  • 4minute members say Gayoon is scary when she’s angry.
  • Gayoon doesn’t fall for any tricks her members try to pull on her.
  • Gayoon said SHINee’s Key is chic and has many aegyo, while she doesnt know how to do aegyo.
  • B2st think Gayoon is awesome because she will stay up very late for their album to come out.Then after it’s released,she’ll go visit them alone and if they’re not at their dorms,she’ll go where ever they are.
  • Gayoon sleeps wearing hoodies.
  • Gayoon chooses friendship over love.
  • All the members love taking selca’s but Gayoon is the member least to take it one.
  • Gayoon has the most fanboys.
  • Hyuna was her roomate
  • best figure in 4Minute
  • hobbies are watching movies, shopping  and song-writing
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